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Adam Glasser South African Jazz Tour

Thursday March 28, 2019

7:30 pm

Tickets: £18 (full), £15 (students)

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Cambridge University Centre Wine Bar

South African Grammy-winning Adam Glasser knows his South African Township music inside out and how to make it really get to the audience's heart. For many years, he co-led Township Comets, favourites here at CMJ. His unique harmonica sound combines his South African roots with many years immersed in the UK jazz scene initially playing piano in his own groups as well as for SA legends such Dudu Pukwana. He was musical director for 16 years of the veteran SA vocal group the Manhattan Brothers.

Music samples
'The Low Six'
With Township Comets & Pinise Saul

Artists: Adam Glasser (piano/harmonica), George Crowley (sax), Rob Luft (guitar), Steve Watts (bass), Corrie Dick 'drums)