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Jeff Williams International Quintet - 'Lifelike' Album Launch Tour

'Williams swings at medium tempo with such easy grace that you could think you were listening to Billy Higgins' Richard Williams ,

Thursday June 14, 2018

8:00 pm

Tickets: £15 (full), £12 (students)

Buy online 

or phone for tickets 07827 012875

Hidden Rooms

Jeff Williams' fourth album for Whirlwind (following 2011's 'Another Time', 2013's 'The Listener' and 2015's 'Outlier'), Lifelike was recorded in front of an enthusiastic Vortex audience on a sultry June evening. As an experienced leader at the kit, with an instinctive, deeply imbued jazz sensibility, Williams coaxes intelligent, colourful interplay from his colleagues. Like all masters of a genre, Jeff Williams has profoundly internalized the traditions of jazz without being tyrannized by its conventions. Fusing and remixing his influences into his own unique voice, he refuses to constrain himself to a single stylistic approach. Most vitally, he wants his audience to respond to his music emotionally.

Music samples
Dream Visitor - from 'Lifelike'
'Lifelike' Preview Sampler

Artists: Jeff Williams drums John O’Gallagher alto sax Josh Arcoleo tenor sax Sam Lasserson bass, with special guest Gonҫalo Marques trumpet