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Josephine Davies 'Satori'

"Inventive, Lyrical." Jazzwise"Irrepressible Tunefulness." Downbeat

Thursday November 22, 2018

8:00 pm

Tickets: £15 (full), £12 (students)

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or phone for tickets 07827 012875

Hidden Rooms

Graduate of the Guildhall School of Music, where she won the Perrier Young Jazz Award, Josephine is a saxophonist and composer at the forefront of the contemporary British jazz scene. Satori, her main solo project, released their eponymous debut album last year. Another Festival first at CMJ tonight as they premiere their second album In The Corners Of Clouds. Satori is a Buddhist word meaning a moment of illumination or clarity. It emphasizes the interplay between practice and enlightenment, which could be said to correspond to the craft and art of improvised music.

Music samples
'In the Corners of Clouds'
Latest Satori tracks

Artists: Josephine Davies (saxes) Oli Hayhurst (bass) Paul Clarvis (drums)