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Led Bib - 'Umbrella Weather' Album Launch Tour

' a gale of fresh air' the Guardian'We need bands like Led Bib to make the world safe for dangerous music.' Observer Music Monthly

Thursday February 23, 2017

8:00 pm

Tickets: £15 (full), £12 (students)

Buy online 

or phone for tickets 07827 012875

Hidden Rooms

Formed by the ferociously dynamic expat American drummer Mark Holub, who writes most of their music, and fronted by 'duelling saxophonists' Chris Williams and Pete Grogan, the quintet was branded the 'future of jazz' by The Times.

Their raw collisions of free jazz, avant funk, brooding sax and sheer noise make for compelling live chemistry, not easily replicated on albums. The Guardian's John Fordham recommends they are best listened to 'with the volume up and the neighbours warned'.

Their fourth album 'Sensible Shoes' was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize and they also featured in the London 'Meltdown' festival curated by the late Ornette Coleman.

A new album 'Umbrella Weather' (their eighth) is released January 20th and they join us as part of its launch tour.

Music samples
Recycling Saga
'New Teles' - Official Video
Ceasefire - Official Video

Artists: Mark Holub drums, Pete Grogan sax, Chris Williams sax, Toby McLaren keybds, Liran Donin bass.